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What is FFU fan unit? What are its characteristics?

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In modern society, air purification systems and various types of equipment have been used, which are related to people’s needs to purify the air in their own living environment.FFUThe fan unit is one of many purification systems. So what exactly is this system? What are its characteristics? Let's see the introduction below.

What is an EFU fan unit?

In fact, its end air supply device has an automatic filtering function. When it is used, the wind machine will suck air in from above for filtering. After filtering, the clean air will be evenly sent out from the air outlet to provide clean air for a clean environment. And particulate filter control; the fan filter unit can also be connected with modules, so it can meet the needs of different enterprises and scientific research units for different clean environments.

FFUFeatures of fan unit:

First of all, it has high efficiency, and the noise of the turbo fan is very low. The three-dimensional modeling on the computer can be simulated and analyzed. It has high efficiency and low noise. It also has unique patented technology. It has a beautiful appearance and adopts a humanized The design and the setting of the stainless steel handle make the transportation and installation very convenient. The round corner design adopts non-indentation bending.

Secondly, pedals are installed humanely on the body of the equipment, which can provide convenient conditions for future maintenance and installation, and therefore it has realized a considerate and convenient design; the fan of the equipment uses a multi-wing turbine energy-saving type , It can ensure that the wind pressure spreads out evenly, the network speed of the air outlet is also very stable and uniform, with very low noise and power consumption, it can effectively reduce costs when in use, and its working life can reach 80,000 More than hours.

After that, it can be used safely and reliably because it has over-current, over-voltage and over-heat protection; it does not contain a filter, the body is lightweight, and thin; its optimized internal current sharing design effectively guarantees the FFU surface net Speed uniformity deviation, flexible and diversified design can make non-standard products with different specifications according to customer needs.

This isFFUThe characteristics of the fan unit, its characteristics allow it to develop rapidly in the purification industry, and rely on its own advantages to obtain industry recognition and attention, thereby increasing the demand rate of use. If you want to ensure the quality of use, then before choosing, We must carefully master the relevant knowledge of the equipment, so that we can be confident when choosing.               Mobile: 13355281100
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