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What is a high-efficiency free?

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The efficient air supply port is a tensile terminal filtering device that is ideal for thousands of levels, 10,000 level purification air conditioning systems, can be widely used in purification air conditioning systems in medicine, health, electronics, chemical and other industries. The efficient delivery of the air is used as a terminal filtration device used to retrofit and new 1000-300,000 levels of clean rooms, and is a key device that meets the purification requirements. The high-efficiency free venting includes static pressure boxes, scatter plates, and high efficiency filters, and the interface with the air tube can be top or side.

Efficient feed product characteristics:

Replaceable structure

Mechanical seal, liquid tank sealing two options, better sealing performance

Can meet the scene PAO test


The efficient air supply port is mainly used in the hospital operating room, laboratory or pharmaceutical factory clean room. It can be directly mounted as a terminal filter device to clean room ceiling ceiling, suitable for various clean rooms and a variety of maintenance structures, with versatility , Simple construction, less investment. Shandong snyli is committed to the air purification industry for more than ten years, and the industry has abundant, and with the upgrading of automation technological innovation and new production base, Shandong snyli will occupy industry leadership in all aspects of production scale, sales, market share, Can better provide high quality products and services for our customers, bring you better product experience!               Mobile: 13355281100
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