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What is the case of air filters?

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When is the air filter to be replaced?

In the purification ring, often asked, what is the best air filter? Also, how to identify if the air filter is replaced? Today, Shandong Xinli Xiaobian will tell you how to determine if the air filter should be replaced.

Here, Xiaobian wants to simply say how to choose the air filter correctly, first choose to use the destination, combine the specification parameters required by the purification, and select the regular air filter manufacturer. So how do you judge whether an air filter should be replaced? First we should judge from the following points:

01. First of all, go to observe, observe itself, whether there is dark color, or black, if the air filter is obviously black, the dust is more, then the parameter value of the detection is needed to be replaced in time.

02. When checking the air filter, look at whether the filter material has a leak, if there is a leak, it is necessary to replace the air filter.

03. The air filter needs to be maintained in time, and replace the primary and medium-end air filter in time can appropriately extend the service life of the rear filter and reduce operating costs.

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