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What is the difference between air efficient filter PTFE filter paper and fiberglass filter?

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High efficiency filter

Some customers are more concerned about whether acid-alkaline gases volatilized during the laboratory operation, affecting the high-efficiency filter in the clean room. And for PTFE filter paper and glass fiber filter paper, I don't know how to choose. In response to the above problems, Shandong Xinli made the following summary of the PTFE filter paper and the glass fiber filter paper:

High efficiency filter

Shandong Xinli PTFE Efficient / SuperHigh efficiency filterAdopt high quality PTFE filter material, has a reliable filter level of H13-U16 level, and low wind resistance, small energy consumption, can be widely used in semiconductor, electronics, precision manufacturing, biopharmaceutical and other industries. The company has advanced production and monitoring equipment, with advanced HEPA & ULPA filter leak detection platform, perfect testing procedures, strict quality assurance system and management system, and the high-efficiency / super efficient filter of Shandong Xinli factory is strictly followed. EN1822: 2009 standards for chart-by-point automatic scan test, let customers rest assured! Service hotline: 4006883551 / 13165316200.               Mobile: 13355281100
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