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What is the main role in cleanseing shed?

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Clean work shed is a simple clean room for fast and convenient, clean work sheds with a variety of clean levels and space matching, and can be made according to the use requirements, so it is easy to use elastic installation easy and short-moving short and movable Its main feature, clean work sheds can also reduce costs for localization of high cleanrooms in the normal level of clean room to reduce costs.

Clean Work shed is a air purification apparatus that provides local high clean environment. Clean workhed is mainly composed of a box, a fan, an initial air filter, a damping layer, a lamp, and the like, and the outer casing is sprayed. The product can be suspended, and it can be supported, and the structure is compact and easy to use. You can use a single use or multiple connections to form a strip-shaped clean area.

The clean work shed main bracket is sprayed as a frame with a ferrule. The fan filter unit FFU is sealed, and the clean layer flow cover FFU is placed on the frame of the professional purified aluminum profile, and the top is covered by a blind plate. Strict seam, surrounded by anti-static curtains / anti-static plexiglass, the bottom of the surroundment is used in the form of positive pressure natural exhaust ventilation, forming a seamless zone.

Clean workhed compared to clean room assembled structural design, convenient installation, greatly shortening delivery cycle; mobile convenience; suitable for building small area clean areas. Modular structure, improve the purification level, strong extension, and re-use value; relatively ultimate workbench, the internal availability of effective space; relative to traditional clean room, low cost, fast construction, can reduce operating costs.               Mobile: 13355281100
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