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What is the maintenance method of the high efficiency filter?

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      High efficiency filterMainly used for adsorption0.3umThe following particulate dust and various suspended solids. Use glass fiber paper as the filter material, coated paper, aluminum film and other raw materials as the cutting board, and the high efficiency filter frame is made. Each unit has been tested and possesses the characteristics of high filtration efficiency, low friction resistance and large dust holding capacity.

How to maintain the high efficiency filter?The editor of Shandong snyli Purification will tell you in detail:

1.In the whole process of transportation, the high-efficiency filter should be handled with care to avoid strong vibration and impact, and it is not mandatory to load and unload.

2.Before installing the high-efficiency filter, it is not allowed to tear or open the packaging bag or packaging film. It should be handled with care and handled carefully to prevent strong vibration and impact.

3.For the high efficiency filter, the installation position must be appropriate;

4.Before installing the high-efficiency filter, the clean room must be cleaned and cleaned. If dust accumulates inside the air-conditioning purification system software, it should be cleaned and cleaned again to comply with the cleaning regulations. If high-efficiency filters are installed in the technical compartment or decoration ceiling, the technical floor or decoration ceiling should also be cleaned and wiped.

5.For high efficiency filters, when the friction resistance value of the filter exceeds450Pa;Or when the cyclone rate on the air outlet surface drops to a small amount, a new high-efficiency filter must be replaced.               Mobile: 13355281100
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