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What kinds of initial air filters

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With the attention of the state, the role of the filter is increasingly obvious, which will involve the selection of the filter, many companies do not know how to pick the filter, then next, Shandong Xinli Xiaobian You share, the initial filter has those types, how should you choose!

The role of the initial air filter:
Mainly used for primary filtration of air conditioning systems, mainly used for filtration of 5 μm or more dust particles. Used to protect the altime filter and high efficiency filters, if there is no initial filter protection, the life of the alive filter and the high-efficiency filter will be greatly shortened, thereby increasing the replacement cost, so the initial importance is A protective role.

Application of an initial air filter: The initial filter is generally used in the new air conditioning primary filter, pre-filtered, returning air filter, new air-port filtering, etc.
Specific use places such as:
Central air conditioning and centralized ventilation system pre-filtered
Large air compressor pre-filtered
Clean back ventilation system
Pre-filtering of local high efficiency filtration devices

Classification of initial air filters:
The initial filter has three types, folded, bag-type three types, outer frame materials, aluminum frame, galvanized iron frame, filter material, nylon net, activated carbon filter, metal hole Network, etc.
Plate filter material is generally divided into non-woven fabric, wire mesh, glass wire, nylon network, etc. The filter material of the folding filter has a non-woven fabric, nylon net + dragon skeleton, coconut filtration cotton, biochemical filter, etc. can be used to make an initial effect filter. Bag-type initial filter is generally made of synthetic fiber nonwoven fabric, which can be made or frameless. This structure is mainly to increase the filter area of ​​the filter, increasing the air volume thereby having this structure.               Mobile: 13355281100
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