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What should I pay attention to when cleaning the primary filter?

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Primary filterCleaning instructions:

1. Open the suction grille in the device, hold down the buttons on both sides and gently pull down;

2. Drag the hook on the air filter and pull out the device diagonally downward;

3. Use a device similar to a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust, or rinse with warm water;

4. If there is too much dust, you can use a soft brush and neutral detergent to clean it, dry it with water after cleaning, and place it in a cool place to dry;

5. Do not use hot water above 50 degrees Celsius for cleaning, so as to avoid discoloration or deformation of the equipment, and do not dry it on the fire;

6. After cleaning and putting on the equipment, hang the equipment on the protruding part of the upper part of the suction grille when installing, and then fix it on the suction grille. Slowly slide the back convex handle of the suction grille inward until it is installed. Push the entire device into the grille;

7. It is to close the suction grille, which is the opposite. Press and hold the filter signal reset button on the control panel, and the cleaning reminder sign will disappear at this time;

8. In addition, remind everyone that if there is too much dust in the environment where the primary filter is used, the number of cleanings should be increased according to the situation, generally half a year is appropriate.               Mobile: 13355281100
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