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What should be paid attention to when replacing the primary filter?

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replacePrimary effect filterWhat do you need to pay attention to?

1. FromPrimary effect filterIn terms of requirements, why should the primary effect filter be matched and purchased?

The common misconception is that selecting a single filter corresponding to the processing accuracy according to the required air quality can meet the requirements and save money. In fact, the required air quality is determined by the processing accuracy of the selected single filter, but there is no pretreatment protection of the pre-lower filter, and the high-precision filter will soon be blocked due to excessive load. Accelerate the frequency of filter replacement, which will increase production costs in disguise.

2. Can the air filter lower the air dew point?

Air filters can generally only remove solid and liquid particles (drops), while water vapor and oil vapor can pass through the curved path of the filter material without obstruction. Therefore, it cannot be removed by mechanical filters (except activated carbon filters). To fundamentally remove water vapor and oil vapor, only use a dryer to lower the dew point temperature of the air.

3. What is the relationship between air filter efficiency and air temperature?

The temperature of the oil and water contained in the compressed air affects the filter efficiency. For example, when the temperature is 30℃, the oil content flowing through the filter is 5 times that at 20℃; when the temperature rises to 40℃, the oil content flowing through the filter is 10 times that at 20℃. Therefore, the filter is generally installed at the low temperature of the compressed air system.               Mobile: 13355281100
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