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Wheat room use and precautions

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Windshore roomIt is necessary for people to enter the clean room. It can reduce the pollution problem brought by people into and out, reducing the large amount of dust particles brought by people / goods from the entrance to the clean room.\"\" Gas gate Room \"can reduce the amount of air pollution particles. What are the use and management of the wind chamber?New power purificationXiaobian gives you a specific explanation:
1. Purpose:
Keep the weathering safe use, maintain cleanroom environments.
2, the use of the wind shower:
(1) People entering clean and clean room should take off the coat in the outer locating room, remove items such as watch, mobile phones, ornaments.
(2) Enter the inner dressing room, wear purification, dust-free clothes, hats, masks, gloves.
(3) After opening the stainless steel wind door personnel, the wind door automatically shuts down the outside, the infrared (sound control / human body thermal energy) induction, the wind is automatically started, blowing 15 seconds (factory has been set). Note: The wind shower room does not open at the same time when it is blown, and if the forcibly open will damage the electronic lock, the wind shower room is electronic interlock control.
(4) After the wind shower is blown, the door is pushed out to enter the clean-capable dust-cap.
3, management of the wind and shower:
(1) The wind shower is managed by the responsible person, and the initial film is regularly replaced every quarter.
(2) Replace the high-efficiency filter of the wind shower every 2 years.
(3) It should be lightly closed, and the door is open.
(4) Please do not touch the switch in the process of use, and adjust the smart voice prompt system.
(5) When the wind is fails, the emergency stop switch should be turned off in time, and the professional maintenance should be reported.               Mobile: 13355281100
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