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Why use an air filter?

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Why useair filter? What effect does it have on our lives? The editor of Shandong snyli Purification will give you a detailed introduction:

1. Ventilation and air conditioning systems need air filter protection

Air-conditioning maintenance personnel usually find that the air-conditioning system will find the following problems after a long period of use:

1. Fans, heat exchangers, air valves, pipes and other components are heavily dusted and have peculiar smell;

2. After running the system for several years, the air volume and cooling/heat treatment volume are too low, and it is difficult to meet the original design requirements;

3. Black stains appear around the air outlet of the air conditioner;

4. Indoor personnel complained of dirty air and physical discomfort;

5. The resistance of the air filter of the clean room system has increased too fast, and even needs to be replaced in 1-2 years;

6. For the long-matched metal/nylon mesh and chemical fiber non-woven fabric in the air conditioner, even if it is not cleaned, the resistance will not continue to rise;

The main cause of these problems is dust. The so-called washable filter has limited resistance to dust. In addition to stopping the air conditioning system for cleaning, or replacing expensive system components, a more effective measure is to add an air filter with a sufficiently high efficiency. The investigation and research in developed countries have proved that the glass fiber bag filter is an economical and practical choice for users. .

2. Cleanrooms of various cleanliness levels are even more inseparable from even super-efficiency air filters. The concentration of dust particles inside and outside the clean room differs by tens of thousands of times (only counting). To achieve a certain level of cleanliness, it must be set The high efficiency air filter filters the air entering the room.               Mobile: 13355281100
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