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Production base

Phone: 86+0533-6217678
Manager Liu: 86+180-5331-1110 (same phone number as WeChat)

Phone: 86+400-688-3551
Manager Sun: 86+180-5331-1115 (same phone number as WeChat)
Ministry of International Trade

Phone: 86+0531-82076779
Manager Liu: 86+133-5528-1100 (same phone number as WeChat)
East China

Phone: 86+400-688-3551
Manager Li: 86+199-6353-9955 (same phone number as WeChat)
North District

Phone: 86+400-688-3551
Manager Zhai: 86+133-6533-5311 (same phone number as WeChat)
South China

Phone: 86+400-688-3551
Manager Liu: 86+180-5331-1110 (same phone number as WeChat)
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Sales Elite

Job Responsibilities
1. Formulate and implement regional sales plans and product promotion plans to complete sales targets
2. Master the market dynamics, conduct market analysis, develop new channels and customers
3. Do customer maintenance and responsibility, and solve customer product needs
4. Connect the company's technical department to ensure customer service

Conditions of service
1. College degree or above, proficient in using office software
2. Work seriously, cautiously, carefully and with strong sense of responsibility
3. Strong communication and coordination and business development capabilities
4. Nationwide work location, able to accept business trips

Technical Engineer

Job Responsibilities
1. Cooperate with the sales department to communicate with customers and provide technical services
2. Do a good job of pre-sale and after-sale technical guidance, and carry out debugging of the host computer system and automation program
3. Carry out technical upgrading of products and research and development of new products

Conditions of service
1. College degree or above, proficient in office software and design drawing software
2. Familiar with the use of cadence and pads, able to perform simple mechanized program programming
3. Able to accept business trips across the country
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Service Hotline: 400-688-3551
Telephone: 0533-6217678
Factory Address: No. 16 Heilongjiang Road, Economic Development Zone, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province
Factory Address: West End of Weisi Road, Linzi District, Zibo City, Shandong Province
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