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Product characteristics: high wind volume, high static pressure, high efficiency, low noise Multiple safety devices: current overload protection loop, fault indication Humanization skills: attached handles, handling installation, beautiful body appearance Product model: SL-15CDCZAN1
Mainly used for terminal filtration in electronics, biopharmaceutical industries and hospitals where high cleanliness is required.

Frame material: anodized aluminum profile

Frame thickness: 50mm, 70mm, 90mm

Product model: GWB-4.5A, GWB-9A, GWB-18A, GWB-4.8A

GWB-10.3A, GWB-13A, GWB-15.7A, GWB-21A, GWB-

Mainly used for terminal filtration in electronics, biopharmaceutical industries and hospitals where high cleanliness is required.

Frame material: anodized aluminum profile

Frame thickness: 50mm, 70mm, 90mm

Product attributes: SWB-4.5A, SWB-9A, SWB-18A, SWB-2.9A

SWB-6A, SWB-7.6A
It is mainly used for terminal filtration in applications requiring high cleanliness, such as electronics, biopharmaceutical industry and hospitals.

Frame material: aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, wooden board, stainless steel

Frame thickness: 150mm, 220mm, 292mm

Product model: GHB-2.5A, GHB-5A, GHB-10A, GHB-15A

GHB-20A, GHB-5B, GHB-10B
Coarse dust filtration system for general building air conditioning. Primary filtration of industrial-grade air ventilation equipment.

Frame material: galvanized frame, aluminum alloy frame or stainless steel frame

Frame thickness: 10, 21, 46, 96, etc.

Product model: CJ-17A, CJ-34A, CJ-17B, CJ-34B
Ventilation systems for office buildings, meeting rooms, hospitals, shopping malls, stadiums, airports and other large civil buildings.

Outer frame material: aluminum alloy frame, can be made into a whole group with handle interconnection, easy and safe to replace

Frame thickness: 10, 21, 46, 96, etc.

Product model: CN-24A, CN-28.5A, CN-34A, CN-17B, CN-

24B, CN-28.5B, CN-34B, CN-17C, CN-24C, CN-28.5C

Product features: no partition design, lower running resistance, wide application range, compact structure, saving storage space

Product application: In the high-efficiency air outlet of the clean room of the pharmaceutical plant, the FFU products of the purification plant are equipped with high-efficiency filters

Efficiency: 99.97%@0.3μm (H13); 99.99%@0.3μm (H14);

Product model: GPW-8-470-D, GPW-8-1000-D, GPW-8-

260-D, GPW-8-550-D, GPW-9.3-470-B
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Plate disposable filter

These articles are all highly relevant Plate disposable filter. I believe this information can help you understand Plate disposable filter's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • The difference between purification air conditioner and comfort air conditioner

    Purifying air conditioners, as the name implies, is an air conditioner with purification function. Mainly used in pharmaceutical, hospital operating room, negative pressure ward, animal houses, medical devices, chemical chemicals, food and beverages, sterile laboratories, P -level experiments, GMP sterile operating rooms, negative pressure ward, layer of ward, GMP purification Workshop, electronic dust -free workshop, beverage filling workshop, QS food purification workshop, pure water filling workshop, constant temperature and humidity laboratory, dustwork workshop, from Liuping ground, LG coil floor, sterile irrigation workshop, purifying air -conditioning unit In order to ensure the cleanliness of the room and prevent pollution air from entering the room.

  • Products || Frozen filter box

    The fresh air filter box has a good sealing performance, connects to the duct, is equipped with a professional filter, and the fresh air filter box is processed to the fresh air to ensure that the air sent to the indoor air is fresh and clean. The new wind cabinet mainly has a initial effect filter, medium -efficiency filter, high -efficiency filter filtering, can increase a variety of combined filtrations such as activated carbon barrel filtering segments. It has good filtering effects and is a very important air purification of modern industrial plants. system.

  • Review of the exhibition || Xinli Environment Cire2022 East China Cold Expo trip perfectly ended!

    Xinli Environmental Technology (Shandong) Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Shandong Xinli/Xinli Environment), which originated in 2010, is committed to the development of the air purification industry. It is a professional service provider integrating R & D, design, production, and sales. ,注册品牌为"SNYLI",主营业务:FFU、各级空气过滤器、液槽过滤器、化学过滤器、卷绕式过滤器、卷帘门、送风口、层流罩、风淋室、 Delivery windows, purification sheds, cleaning projects, providing indoor air quality control solutions, and providing air quality control equipment OEM, etc. Shandong Xinli has advanced concepts and technologies, and professional design teams to meet customer needs. Service hotline: 400-688-3551/13165316200!

  • Choice of air filter

    The air filter is a device that captures the particles through the action of porous filtration materials and enables the gas to purify. After air purification treatment, it is sent to the room to ensure the process requirements of the clean room and the air cleanliness in the general air -conditioned room.

  • Necessity for air filter on air conditioning system

    Nowadays, people realize that the air conditioning system itself needs a good filter to protect. What impacts bring to the air conditioning system only with low efficiency filters? The airway is blocked, the fan fouling makes the air volume; the heat transfer component is reduced; the temperature and humidity and other measurement and control components failing dynamic end blowing device failure full heat exchange device failure pipeline internal temperature and humidity is a microbial breeding Ideal places in many central air conditioners, using two years later, the performance has declined significantly, open the air conditioner, and the crux is clear.

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