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snyli Purification takes you to explore the cleanliness of medical operating rooms

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1. Does the hospital operating room have any requirements for air cleanliness?

With the development of economy and the continuous improvement of medical science, various types of surgical techniques are gradually developing in the direction of high-end, fine and complex. Among them, the modern operating room is an important place for the treatment of patients, especially heart surgery needs to be performed in a sterile and dust-free environment. The hospital medical industry is a huge and special industry, especially the hospital operating room has high requirements for air cleanliness.

two. Standard measure of air cleanliness

1. Measurement standards

The dust concentration in the air is a measure of air cleanliness. The lower the dust concentration, the higher the cleanliness, and vice versa.

Air clean operating room refers to an operating room with air cleanliness not less than 100,000.

2. Cleanliness level

There are 4 types of clean operating rooms, which are class 100, class 1000, class 10,000, and class 100,000. The higher the number, the lower the purification level.

3. The category of clean operating room (according to the degree of bacteria or sterility in the operation) and grade can be classified as follows, for reference only:

Hospital operating room name



Special sterile clean operation room

Level 100 (Bureau-level laminar flow)

Sterile operating room

1000-10000 level

Bacteria operating room

100000 class

Infection operating room

Generally no requirement or >100000 level

Surgical auxiliary area

100000 class

Other areas

100000-1000000 level

The clean room has now become one of the important functional areas of the hospital. The clean operating room with the most widely used clean environment in the hospital can reduce the risk of infection of medical staff during long-term surgery. At the same time, in a clean operating room, the patient infection rate can be reduced by more than 10 times. The purification of the operating room is achieved through an air filter. It must be coordinated with the cleaning and disinfection of the floor, wall, and surface of the object, and attention should be paid to timely cleaning and replacement of the air filter device to keep the air clean during the operation and meet the needs of various operations.

Hospital clean rooms include operating rooms, obstetrics, infant and child ward (NICU), ICU (intensive care unit), burn ward and dissection room, purification laboratory, artificial dialysis room, specimen room, etc. The air filter used and medical quality Closely related.

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