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snyli Purification takes you to know the clean shed

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Clean shed (also known as clean shed, simple clean room) (CLEAN BOOTH) is a simple clean room for quick and easy establishment. The clean shed has a variety of cleanliness levels and space matching can be designed and manufactured according to the needs of use, so it is easy to use and flexible Large installation is easy, short construction period and mobility are its main characteristics. The clean shed can also be locally added to the general clean room where high cleanliness is required in some areas to reduce costs.

working principle

Air flow → air purification system purification treatment → fan pressurized air supply → fan filter unit → clean shed → take away dust (bacteria). Repeat the above process to achieve the purpose of purification.
The air flow of the clean shed flows in one direction (either vertical or horizontal), and flows through the entire space at an average speed generally ranging from 0.3 m/s to 0.5 m/s (60 ft/min to 100 ft/min) . The airflow is blown into the shed by the fan filter unit (with high efficiency filter) on the ceiling of the clean shed. The air flow is like an air piston, flowing downward through the shed, taking away pollutants, and then expelling it from the ground.

The concept of fluid mechanics:

1. Stable flow and unstable flow; (according to the flow rate, acceleration and other time factors of the moving elements)
2. Gradual flow (the flow lines are basically equidistant, and the flow lines are close to straight lines) and sudden flow; (according to the shape of the flow lines)
The gradual flow includes uniform flow (the limit of gradual flow) and non-uniform flow;
3. Laminar flow and turbulent flow (according to the exchange of particles).

Maintenance of clean shed

1. Before each use of the purification shed, the operator should open the purification shed 5-10 minutes before use.

2. Turn on the working power of the purification shed and clean the inner area of the purification shed with a dust-free cloth.

3. During the operation, the operator should follow the dust-free operation rules.

4. In case of a failure of the unit, the professional maintenance personnel should be notified immediately, and the professional maintenance personnel should continue to use it after passing the inspection.               Mobile: 13355281100
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