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snyli takes you to understand the primary effect plate filter

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Primary effect plate filterMany people may not know it very well. In fact, just like its name, this is one of the primary effect filters. The editor of Shandong snyli Purification will explain the product characteristics and product applications of the primary effect plate filter:

1. Product characteristics of primary effect plate filter equipment

1. Outer frame material: galvanized frame, aluminum alloy frame, plastic frame or stainless steel frame

2. Frame thickness: 10/21/46/96, etc.

3. Filter material: imported polyester synthetic fiber, can be cleaned 2-3 times, flame retardant.

4. Filter material replaceability: reusable frame, equipped with ABS plastic corners or aluminum alloy corners, and locked with screws, the structure is firm, not easy to deform, and the filter material can be easily and safely removed and replaced;

5. Temperature: 98°C

6. Humidity: 100%

7. Efficiency: G3/G4/F5 (EN779)

2. Product application of primary effect plate filter

1. Pre-filtering of air conditioning and ventilation systems to avoid dust pollution inside the system;

2. Large air compressor pre-filter;

3. The return air filtration of the centralized ventilation and air-conditioning system in the clean room extends the service life of the subsequent high efficiency filter.

4. The ventilation system of ordinary industrial plants meets the general clean air requirements;

5. Coarse dust filtration system for general building air conditioning.               Mobile: 13355281100
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