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Professional service provider of air purification products_看图王
Professional service provider of air purification products_看图王
Professional service provider of air purification products_看图王
Professional service provider of air purification products_看图王

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We have a complete and scientific quality management system and strong technical force, and through independent R & D access to a number of technical patents. Adhering to the principle of "customer benefit above all" , the company has been developing new products through technical improvement and upgrading, and has now developed into a professional manufacturer in the northern region, and has grown into a well-known brand in the air purification industry.

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The company always adhere to the "Down to Earth, action is better than words" brand spirit, constantly through technological improvement and upgrading the development of new products, our strength and product quality have been recognized by the industry. 


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ShanDong SNYLI Purification adheres to the principle of honesty, standardization and high efficiency, wins the market with professionalism, and gains credibility with honest service.
We have reached cooperation with many well-known companies to provide customers with high-quality products and services.
China Power Corporation
Foxconn Technology Group
Eleven Technology
Core En (Qingdao) Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd.
China Power Fourth Company
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ShanDong SNYLI Purification is a professional service provider of air purification products integrating R&D, production and sales. The main products are primary, intermediate, and high-efficiency air filters, FFU, air supply ports, coiled filters, laminar flow hoods, air shower rooms, etc. , Products related to semiconductor, electronics, biology, medicine, food and coating industries. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system and strong technical force, and always adheres to the principle of "customer interests are above everything".
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Shandong Xinli DC FFU filters the interior of the air inhalation through the air filter at the top of the dust-free workshop, and the clean air is sent out in a uniform wind speed, so that the clean and sterile purification effect is achieved.



What does the number of the HEPA high efficiency filter do?

The HEPA high-efficiency filter is the core device of the purification workshop. The high-density fiber interleaving structure can capture the cockroaches, the HEPA filter is in high-frequency enlarged view, its internal form is like cross-section, and the indoor air circulation is filtered. Most of the dust particles are filtered, and there are also some electrostatic elective technology HEPA screens to actively adsorb particulate matter. The high efficiency filter is also divided into a lot of levels. Common parameters have H13, H14, etc. The larger, if the H13-level filter is configured with a low-purification requirement, the efficiency of the indoor air cycle will be lost, and the effect of possible purification is not as good as the H11-level filter. Therefore, when the filter is selected, the single-pair of filters do not represent the air filter.



Application of air filter in industrial production workshop

Why does the workshop use air filter? With the continuous development of science and technology, industrial technology is constantly improving, and people's accuracy and cleanliness of industrial are constantly increasing. Air filters become an industrial production that is essential in industrial production. Since the air is suspended in the air, it is not possible to capture the naked eye. Therefore, these dust cannot be processed through a general cleaning method. If these dust falls on the key equipment components of the workshop, the component loss can reduce the work accuracy and life of the machine. The air filter can reduce the dust in the air, send clean air into the workshop to ensure the process requirements of the clean room and the indoor air cleanliness of the general air conditioning room. The air filter has been widely used in the microelectronic industry, the biopharmaceutical industry, medical institution, precision manufacturing industry, crystal materials, spray coating and other industries. Air filter is typically installed in a blowing system to purify suspension particles in outdoor or indoor air



What are the characteristics of metal mesh filters

Metal mesh air filter characteristics: 1. The multi-layer folded expanded aluminum foil or stainless steel mesh is arranged with different densities and pore diameters from coarse to fine, so that when the air passes through the filter, the flow direction is changed multiple times to increase its dust collection capacity And efficiency.2. Low resistance, long service life, repeated cleaning, and extremely economical.3. The all-aluminum filter screen or the stainless steel filter screen has the characteristics of safety, sturdiness and high temperature resistance.4. The highest temperature can withstand more than 250 ℃.Purpose of metal mesh air filter 1. Coarse dust filtration system for general building air conditioning.2. Primary filtration of industrial-grade air ventilation equipment.3. A ventilation system with high strength and high temperature resistance is required.4. Filtration in the wax spray room of the automobile assembly workshop.Specifications: Can be customized according to customer needs 1) Use: high temperature resistance, coarse dust filtration, can be used in high temperature environments, air filtration system pre-filtering 2) Type: flat metal mesh filter 3) Frame: galvanized



F7 medium efficiency bag filter

Bag filter is the most commonly used medium-efficiency air filter type in industrial central air-conditioning.The manufacturer uses high-quality electrostatic fiber filter materials to make bag filters.The electrostatic fiber filter material is a non-combustible material, which is convenient for waste recycling and processing.Product performance and specifications are in line with product quality standards.F7 bag filter is one of the medium-efficiency bag filters, mainly used in air conditioning and ventilation systems.The filter material of the filter bag adopts non-woven fabric or synthetic fiber and other filter materials, which has a relatively large dust removal capacity and can be used to filter dust particles of 1μm-5μm.It has the characteristics of large effective filtering area and large dust holding capacity.F7 bag filter filter bag design, used with various frames (galvanized iron, aluminum alloy).G3-F9 grade filter bags can be selected, and the filter bags use special low-static fiber cloth as the filter material, which has a relatively good dust removal ability.In places where the level of purification is not high, the air treated by the medium-efficiency bag filter

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