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Professional service provider of air purification products_看图王
Professional service provider of air purification products_看图王
Professional service provider of air purification products_看图王
Professional service provider of air purification products_看图王

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We have a complete and scientific quality management system and strong technical force, and through independent R & D access to a number of technical patents. Adhering to the principle of "customer benefit above all" , the company has been developing new products through technical improvement and upgrading, and has now developed into a professional manufacturer in the northern region, and has grown into a well-known brand in the air purification industry.

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The company always adhere to the "Down to Earth, action is better than words" brand spirit, constantly through technological improvement and upgrading the development of new products, our strength and product quality have been recognized by the industry. 


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ShanDong SNYLI Purification adheres to the principle of honesty, standardization and high efficiency, wins the market with professionalism, and gains credibility with honest service.
We have reached cooperation with many well-known companies to provide customers with high-quality products and services.
China Power Corporation
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Eleven Technology
Core En (Qingdao) Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd.
China Power Fourth Company
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ShanDong SNYLI Purification is a professional service provider of air purification products integrating R&D, production and sales. The main products are primary, intermediate, and high-efficiency air filters, FFU, air supply ports, coiled filters, laminar flow hoods, air shower rooms, etc. , Products related to semiconductor, electronics, biology, medicine, food and coating industries. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system and strong technical force, and always adheres to the principle of "customer interests are above everything".
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Shandong Xinli DC FFU filters the interior of the air inhalation through the air filter at the top of the dust-free workshop, and the clean air is sent out in a uniform wind speed, so that the clean and sterile purification effect is achieved.



Influence of clean room backham system design on clean room

With the continuous development of science and technology, the production and modern scientific experiment activities of modern industrial products are increasingly high, especially microelectronics, biopharmaceuticals, medical institutions, precision manufacturing, food processing, etc. Have high quality, high purity, high reliability indoor environment. Air clean technology has become an indispensable basic conditions for modern industrial production, medical and scientific experimental activities, and is an important means to ensure product quality and environmental safety, which are increasingly widely used in various industries. Clean room has a certain air cleanliness level, controlling multiple parameters (air cleanliness, air volume, wind speed, pressure, temperature, humidity, bacterial concentration, etc.). Clean air conditioning system is the main means of implementing clean room control. The clean air conditioning system mainly has the following characteristics compared to the general construction air conditioning system: 1) Ensure the temperature and humidity of the production process; 2) Guaranteed the net



Classification and effect of air filters

First, the filter classification air filter refers to the apparatus for removing the particulates in the air using filtration, adhesion or tip trap, such that the concentration of particulate matter in the air is lowered to achieve the purpose of purifying air. At present, there are two filter standards in my country. They are: GB / T 13554-2008 High-efficiency air filter GB / T 14295-2019 Air filter is divided into coarse effect, groom filter according to national standard air filters , Efficient (HEPA) and ultra efficient (ULPA) filter. Second, the filter test method 01 counting the filter is installed in a standard test wind hole, the upper wind is continuously dust-proof (generally loened dust), every other period of time, measure the dust quality through the filter, resulting in filtration The filtering efficiency calculated at this stage of dust quality, the test dust particle size range is ≥ 5 μm. 02 colorimetry is sampled before and after the filter, the dust is filtered through the filter paper, will pollution



Four important indicators affecting the air filter

The air filter is an air filter device that is the main function of filtering the dust in the air, making the gas entering the indoor gas to purify, generally used in a clean plant, clean room and laboratory. At present, the air filter is the most important means of air purification. It can say that the indoor cleanliness is determined. The performance of the air filter is mainly air volume, filtration efficiency, air resistance and dust removal, which is also the four main indicators affecting the filter. The air filter is mainly divided into an initial filter, a polynary filter, a sub-high efficiency filter, an efficient filter, and a super efficient filter. Air volume, filtration efficiency, air resistance, and dust collector are four main indicators affecting the air filter. In addition, air supply and filter life are also very important parameters. 1, air volume: via the air volume = filter cross-section wind speed × filter cross-sectional area (M2) × 3600m32, filtering efficiency: under the rated air volume, after the filter



Is there a superior filter with a filter area?

Why do some users choose a large or large-size air filter with a large size or size? The area of ​​the filter material in the filter becomes \"Filter Area \". In addition to a small amount of low-efficiency filters, the filter area of ​​a filter is often several times the filter to the wind surface, and several dozens of times, sometimes more than one hundred times. Most of the dust captured is concentrated on the windframe of the filter material. The filter area in the filter is large, and the dust that can be accommodated will be more, and the service life of the filter will be extended. Similarly, the filter area is large, the airflow speed of the material is low, and the resistance of the filter is small. Therefore, increasing the filter area is an effective means of extending the life of the filter.

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