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Air Purification Industry Ventilation System and Air Conditioning System Common Nouns Interpretation

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A ventilation system

Rated air volume:

In the rated condition, the air volume flow inhaled or discharged within the unit time.

Rated wind pressure:

When the rated air volume, the device has full pressure.

Export wind speed:

The average wind speed of the device at the exit.

Device resistance:

Full pressure loss during air flowing over equipment


The air outlets that are blown or smoothly diffused by the fixed blade and the adjustable blade can be formed.

Adjustable wind:

Circulation cross section, the air outlet adjustable direction.

Air curtain (spout machine):

It consists of a static pressure box of the fan, and a flat air flow is formed by sufficient wind speed to isolate the air-to-air convection air supply system.


Devices that exclude indoor air or delivery in indoor air.

Second air conditioning system

Air conditioning equipment:

A total of various devices that control the temperature, humidity, cleanliness and airflow speed of the adjusted space, clean degree, and airflow speed.

Classification of air conditioners by air conditioning equipment

Concentrate: All air processing equipment is concentrated in the air-conditioned machine room

Semi-concentrated system: In addition to the centralized machine room, there are secondary devices that are dispersed in the cold heat exchange device of each tone.

Full Dispersion System: If you are in place, hanging, wall hanging, window air conditioning, flexible, is directly disposed in the tuning room.

Classification of air conditioners used in the bubble chamber load:

Full air system, full water system, air - water system.

Centralized full air air conditioning system:

Closed system, DC system, hybrid system.

Air conditioning purification system for new wind concentrations:

It is supplied from a new fan to the air-conditioning system.

Features: Preheating, preheating, or humidifying new winds, after drying, there is no condensate generation when mixing with backham.

Differential difference control of clean room:

The static pressure difference between different levels of clean room and clean zone and non-cleaning zone is not less than 5PA

The static pressure difference between clean zone and outdoor is not less than 10 Pa.

Wheit pressure valve:

Adapted to mechanical progress, outlet changes, and maintain a device in indoor positive pressure.

Local exhaust system:

The place where the harmful property is generated directly, and the outdoor is discharged after the necessary treatment.

Comprehensive ventilation system:

The comprehensive ventilation system should be considered due to the non-fixability of harmful pollution sources.

New wind ratio (% of new wind):

In air treatment equipment, new air volume accounts for a percentage of air supply.


The ratio of air-conditioning equipment and the ratio of rated air volume.

The rest of the unit:

Air conditioning equipment can be used for air conditioning system for air conditioning systems.

Rated air resistance:

Under the rated air volume, the air is lost in the air conditioner.

Terminal device:

In the air conditioning system, the device is processed or adjusted to the indoor to the indoor.

Wind turbine unit:

An air conditioning apparatus integrally formed by a fan heat exchanger and an air filter, is a terminal device of an air-water air conditioning system.

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