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Air clean concept - clean air and air purification

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Air purification

\"Air Clean \" can be understood from two associated aspects: First, the air is purified, indicating the air clean \"behavior \"; Second, the clean \"state \" in the clean air.

The purpose of air cleansing is to make the contaminated air to the state of production, life, or reach a cleanliness.

Air cleanliness refers to the degree of cleaning of the air. Cleaning degree is usually expressed in a certain volume or a certain amount of particle size, quantity or mass of the contaminated substance contained in the air. For example, in each cubic meter air, a suspension particle containing greater than or equal to 0.5 micrometers is X, that is, clean degree ≥ 0.5um, and the particles are XPC / m3. As another example, the mass of dust particles in each cubic meter is ymg, and its cleanliness is expressed in ymg / m3.

Air purificationIt is a means of contaminated air into a clean air using some means, methods and equipment. Due to the purpose of air purification and the object, the content, method, and measurement of purification are different. From the object of air purification, some should solve the problem of atmospheric pollution, and some are in a clean room. The purification of atmospheric pollution is mainly the problem of various gas waste, which is subject to high concentration contamination. The various clean rooms face the purification problem of indoor airborne, which is subject to ultra-low pollution concentration air. The so-called ultra-low pollution concentration is the daily considered air. However, for electronic, aerospace, high-precision mechanical manufacturing, some medical housing and pharmaceutical plant, etc. For the rigorous process or room of the production environment, this relatively clean air still does not meet the requirements, but also needs further Purify.

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