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Classification of medium-efficiency bag filters

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Medium-efficiency bag filterThe grade is divided into F5-F9

The medium-efficiency bag filter is mainly used to filter dust particles of 1μm-5μm, with the advantages of low resistance and large air volume.

Bag filters are widely used in central air-conditioning ventilation systems, pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, electronics industries, food processing and other clean places, and can also be used as front-end filtration of high-efficiency filters to reduce the load of high-efficiency air filters and extend their service life .Due to the large windward area of ​​the bag-type air filter, it has the advantages of large dust holding capacity, low wind speed, and low resistance.

Bag filters can be used in industries, commerce, hospitals, schools, exhibition halls or other industrial air conditioning equipment systems, and can also be installed in gas turbine inlet equipment or computer rooms to extend the service life of the equipment.In addition, bag filters can also be used in clean rooms or other filtration systems that require higher air levels as the front end of high-efficiency filters.

Medium-efficiency bag filterHas the following advantages:

l Capture 1-5μm particle dust and a lot of suspended solids in the air

l Large air flow, low resistance, large dust holding capacity and long use time

l Large windward area of ​​the filter, easy to replace the filter material

l Filtration efficiency 40%-95%@1-5μm (colorimetric method)

l The outer frame material can choose galvanized iron frame/aluminum frame

l With its unique bag structure, the airflow is balanced, the resistance is reduced, and the dust holding capacity is better.

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