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Cleanroom three-stage filtration system

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A room where the concentration of airborne particles is controlled.Its construction and use should reduce indoor induction, generation and retention of particles.Other relevant indoor parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, etc. are controlled as required.

The measurement standard of clean room cleanliness:

The degree of cleanliness distinguished by the number of particles of a certain size per unit volume of air.

Cleanliness level:

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CurrentlyCleanroomThe air filtration method is very important and widely used for the purification method of the incoming air.The clean air sent into the clean room is mainly based on the installation of air filters with different performances at various parts of the air supply system to remove suspended particles and microorganisms in the air.

The clean room usually adopts primary, medium and high-efficiency (or called primary, intermediate and final) three-stage filtration.The medium-efficiency filter in the system is installed in the positive pressure section of the fan, the high-efficiency filter is installed at the end of the air supply, and the medium-efficiency or primary-efficiency filter is installed at the return air outlet.The system where the final filter is a high-efficiency filter is called a high-efficiency air purification system, and the system where the final filter is a medium-efficiency filter is called a medium-efficiency air purification system.

With the development of science and technology, the requirements for the production process are becoming more and more stringent. The practice of the so-called fresh air primary filter in the three-stage filtration system has been proved in practice and the concept must be updated.Therefore, the concept of the new three-stage filtration can be: fresh air three-stage filtration [primary efficiency (coarse efficiency), medium efficiency and high medium efficiency or sub-high efficiency filtration]; intermediate pre-filtration (pre-filtration of the end filter); end high-efficiency (or Sub-high efficiency) filtration;

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