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F7 medium efficiency bag filter

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Bag filterIt is a very common type of medium-efficiency air filter in industrial central air-conditioning.The manufacturer uses high-quality electrostatic fiber filter materials to make bag filters.The electrostatic fiber filter material is a non-combustible material, which is convenient for waste recycling and processing.Product performance and specifications are in line with product quality standards.

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F7 bag filter is one of the medium-efficiency bag filters, mainly used in air conditioning and ventilation systems.The filter material of the filter bag adopts non-woven fabric or synthetic fiber and other filter materials, which has a relatively large dust removal capacity and can be used to filter dust particles of 1μm-5μm.It has the characteristics of large effective filtering area and large dust holding capacity.

F7 bag filter filter bag design, used with various frames (galvanized iron, aluminum alloy).G3-F9 grade filter bags can be selected, and the filter bags use special low-static fiber cloth as the filter material, which has a relatively good dust removal ability.In places where the level of purification is not high, the air processed by the medium-efficiency bag filter can be directly delivered to the room.

The bag-type medium-efficiency filter bag is very important to the ventilation system and is the key air purification equipment.The key to the production process is to meet the needs of large air volume and low resistance.Strictly speaking, the front end of the bag filter must also have the first filter equipment, which usually adopts the primary effect paper frame filter or the primary effect plate filter.However, some customers do not replace and replace the primary paper frame filter in time after reaching the end of its life cycle, which causes the bag filter to have a shorter life in difficult conditions and cannot meet the design requirements of the manufacturer.Such phenomena must be prevented as much as possible.Timely replacement of the first filter can increase the time limit for disassembly and replacement of the medium efficiency bag filter and the end high efficiency filter, and in addition, the entire maintenance principal can be reduced for a long time.

Precautions for using bag filter:

1. Regularly inspect the appearance of the bag mouth of the bag filter, and check whether there are debris blocked and the surface of the filter material is damaged;

2. If there are other debris blocking the appearance, it should be removed;

3. If the surface of the filter material is highly damaged, it should be replaced with a new filter material or a new filter bag;

4. When using the filter bag, ensure that the sealing part with the frame is well sealed to prevent air leakage;

5. It is forbidden to use heavy objects to hit the surface of the filter bag, and it is forbidden to pull the filter material of the filter bag forcefully.

Under standard air volume conditions, when the resistance of the bag-type air filter reaches the final resistance, it should be replaced in time.If the filter bag is made of washable filter materials, please remove it and replace it with clean water or a non-irritating detergent solution, and then remove it after drying; if there is a lot of powder concentration in the condition, thenBag filterThe life span will also be reduced.

Main application places:

1. Filtration systems for electronics, biopharmaceuticals, medical institutions, precision manufacturing, crystal materials and other industries;

2. Generally used for intermediate filtration of air conditioning systems in public places;

3. It is suitable for the front protection filter of the clean room high efficiency filter to extend the service life of the high efficiency filter;

4. Air filtration equipment that requires large air volume such as indoor air handlers;

5. Filtration of automobile spray booth;

6. Use with high-efficiency filters in occasions requiring high cleanliness such as electronics, pharmaceutical industries and hospitals;

7. Air filtration systems with higher cleanliness requirements in hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, electronics factories, and spray booths.

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