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High-efficiency filter appearance quality inspection basis and judgment standard

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High efficiency filter

according toHigh efficiency filterNational Standards GB1354-92 and GB13554-2008

Quality Standard:


The outer packaging is intact, no hit, cracking traces; internal packaging (plastic bag) seal should be intact, foam angle, foam board should be complete, model, air volume, airflow flow to identification should be complete, accurate, complete, there is product factory qualified Certificate.


There is no obvious pollution, no unevenness, scar, no scratches, coating, no flakes, burr, rust spots;

The high-efficiency filter frame (on the side of the sticky seal should be flat, no obvious deviation; the high efficiency filter frame strength should meet the requirements, such as placing the flat surface, shake, the frame is not deformed, and the shake is occurs.


The seal between the high-efficiency filter paper and the frame should be strict, no gaps and holes; the sealing strip between the high-efficiency filter and the frame should be connected, there is no cracking, and the visual is flat.High efficiency filterThe thickness of the sealing strip between the frame should not exceed 8 mm, and the compression ratio is 25% -30%.

【filter paper】

The single-sided origami layer meets the requirements, the height of the paper partition should be between 4.0-4.5mm; filter paper is not damaged, no dirt, no dispalery, no pleat, no rubber, no patches; no significant damage Uniform, uniform; sealed, non-crack, filter paper and separator wetting height of no more than 5 mm, frame filter paper and sealed adhesive, should not occur, cach, bubble, hole and wrinkles.

[Storage] Leaving the ground to prevent moisture, anti-tissue

[Use] Replace the damaged high-efficiency filter

[Inspection Specifications] Full inspection of air filters

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