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High efficiency filter

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High efficiency filter: Mainly used to capture particulate dust and various suspensions of 0.5 μm or less. Using ultrafine glass fiber paper, rubberized paper, aluminum film and other materials are used as a split plate, and is glued to the outer frame of the aluminum alloy. Each unit is tested by the gas method, with high filtering efficiency, low resistance, and high dust removal. High efficiency air filters can be widely used in optical electronics, LCD liquid crystal manufacturing, biomedicine, precision instruments, medical institutions, air-conditioning ends of dust-free water purification workshops, etc.. Efficient and super efficient filters are used in the end of the clean room, which can be divided into the form of a structure: there is a separator, high-efficient, high-wind, high-efficiency filter, etc.

In response to the selection of the initial, medium-end, efficient air filter, should also be made with reference to these four performance parameters.

1 Select a filter with a large filter area. The larger the filter area, the lower the filter speed, the smaller the filter resistance. Under a particular filter structure, it reflects the rated air volume of the filter. Experience has shown that the filter of the same structure is the same as the same structure. When the final resistance is determined, the filter area increases by 50%, and the life of the filter is extended by 70% to 80%. However, consider increasing the filter area while considering the structure and field conditions of the filter.

2 Rationalize the efficiency of all levels of filter. When the air conditioner is design, the efficiency of the end-level filter should be determined according to the actual requirements, and then the pre-filter is selected. It is necessary to properly match the efficiency of the filters at all levels, which is good at using and configuring the thickness of the thick filter, and the respective comparison of the respective comparison of the particle size range. The choice of pre-filters should be determined according to the use of the environment, spare parts, operating energy consumption, maintenance costs and other factors. Different efficiency levels of air filters to relatively low counting filtration efficiency of different sizes of dust particles are shown in Figure 1, which typically refers to the efficiency of new filters without static electricity. At the same time, the configuration of the comfortable air conditioner filter should be different from the purification air conditioning system, and different requirements should also be made to the air filter installation, leak-proof, etc.

3 The resistance of the filter. The main material resistance and filter structural resistance are composed, and the filter is increased, and the filter is scrapped when the resistance increases to a certain value. The final resistance is directly related to the life of the filter, the system air volume varies, system energy consumption. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly limit the final resistance value of the filter below the following filters.

4 The filter of the filter is a direct relationship with a direct relationship. In the process of dust, the filter is more efficient to show the characteristics of initial filtering before adding. Most filters in general comfort Central air conditioning systems are one-time, they cannot be cleaned or from an economic perspective consider not worth cleaning. Shandong Xinli Service Hotline: 13165316200 / 4006883551               Mobile: 13355281100
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