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Product Application || Application of FFU Fan Filter Unit

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In the air purification industry,FFUEquipment is a very important equipment.First of all, let us have a general understanding of this kind of equipment. FFU is the abbreviation of Fan Filter Units. It is a combination of fan and filter. It can also be called \"filter unit with its own fan\".It is a self-powered terminal air supply device with filtering function; the fan sucks in air from the top and filters it by HEPA, and after filtering, the clean air is evenly sent out from the air outlet; it provides clean air and particulate filtration control for a clean environment. The filter unit can be used modularly.Meet the needs of different enterprises and scientific research units for different clean environments.The FFU is usually installed at the end of the air supply of the clean room, and is generally placed on the \"dry\" gasket sealing keel frame of the hoisting.FFU has the characteristics of easy installation, flexible wind speed adjustment, and easy change in clean areas. It is widely used in medical, electronics, chip, biopharmaceutical and other fields.

Working principle of FFU fan filter unit

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The outside air is filtered into the top of the clean room for the first time, and then sent into the clean room through FFU (secondary filtration). The air sent down passes through the raised floor, and then enters the return air box to the top of the clean room.

FFUIt appeared earlier in some renovation projects with high cleanliness (≥100 Federal Standard 209E) requirements to solve the following three problems:

1. Insufficient ceiling space in clean room

In some occasions with high cleanliness requirements, the air supply static pressure box on the top of the clean room ceiling has a great function to balance the pressure on the cross section of the clean room, but when FFU is used, the clean room ceiling is It is divided into several modules, and each module (ie FFU) is adjusted to meet the pressure balance requirements of the air supply static pressure box on the upper part of the ceiling, thereby greatly reducing the requirements for the height of the static pressure box.In some renovation projects, FFU effectively solves this problem when the floor height is restricted.

2. Insufficient static pressure in the clean room

In some renovation projects, due to the limited conditions, the air supply resistance is very high. It is difficult to overcome the air supply pressure of the air conditioning unit alone. Because the FFU has its own power, this problem can be solved well.

3. The area of ​​the air-conditioning room is not enough

In some renovation projects, due to the small area of ​​the air-conditioning machine room, it is impossible to accommodate large air-conditioning units. At this time, the FFU's own power is used to make up for this defect, so that the air-conditioning units used can be reduced.This advantage has also been applied to occasions where cleanliness requirements are lower (such as Class 1000 Federal Standard 209E).However, it was not until 1984 that there was no large-scale application of FFU in Asia.

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What is the reason that FFU has not been widely developed for such a long time?

Three issues dominate.

First: the noise problem.You can think about it, under the production technology level at that time, how loud would the noise of multiple fans together?FFU

Second: pressure balance.In a large static pressure box, it was impossible to guarantee whether the fans in each different corner could get a balanced pressure.

Third: maintenance issues.The cost of FFU itself is relatively high. If its motor life cannot be guaranteed, replacement will bring additional investment.

These are the main reasons why companies at that time did not choose to use FFU.But all this changed in 1984:

The first is that the noise problem has been controlled. Large-scale FFU clean plants can control the noise below 65DBA, which is in line with the standards of industrial plants.

Secondly, with the development of automatic control, it has become easier to monitor and adjust the static pressure in every corner.

With the improvement of technology, the life of the last motor has also been a qualitative leap.Now, with the development of semiconductor electronic technology, increasingly dense integrated circuits also require higher and higher cleanliness levels.

Of course, the advantages of FFU itself are also very obvious:

1. Flexibility.Because FFU is self-powered, it is not limited by area.In a large clean workshop, it can be controlled in different zones according to needs.Moreover, with the changes in semiconductor production processes, the layout of the plant must be adjusted accordingly. The flexibility of FFU makes such adjustments easy, and it will not bring secondary investment.

2. Reusability.Theoretically speaking, FFU equipment that is not used for a while can be removed, sealed, stored properly, and can be used again.

3. Negative pressure ventilation.This is the unique feature of FFU.Because it can provide static pressure, the air supply static pressure box has negative pressure relative to the clean room.In this way, the particles in the static pressure box will not leak into the clean area under pressure, making the seal simple and safe.

4. Shorten the construction period.The use of FFU eliminates the need for the production and installation of air ducts, because air ducts take up a large construction period in clean engineering. Any investor hopes that investment can bring benefits as soon as possible, and choosing FFU has become a possibility.

5. Reduce operating costs.Although when choosing FFU, the initial investment is higher than the use of air duct ventilation, but in the later operation, it highlights the characteristics of energy saving and maintenance-free.Compared with the use of conventional air conditioning units to centrally supply air, the operating cost is reduced by about 40%.

Then nowFFUWhat is the real development situation? The development of FFU has a history of almost a hundred years, and it has been widely used for decades.Today, FFU has begun to be used in the fields of electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, bioengineering, medical treatment, laboratories, etc., which have strict requirements on the cleanliness of the production environment.Therefore, different customers have different requirements for the design and use of clean projects, and their clean environment levels are different, and there are different levels of design requirements, such as class 100, class 10,000, and class 100,000 air purification system projects.To achieve different levels of cleanliness, it is necessary to design FFUs with different layouts, which determines the number, quality, size, material and other related parameters of the FFU installed.There are many FFU manufacturers now, and they are still increasing, and product prices are mixed.Of course, the price determines the craftsmanship of the product, and a good price generally matches a good product as a whole.Shandong Xinli FFU has the advantages of large air volume, low noise, high quality, high efficiency, and can save operating costs. It has been widely used in the electronics industry, biopharmaceuticals, precision manufacturing, crystal materials and other industries.

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