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FFU fan filter

FFU English is a Fan Filter Unit, a fan filter unit.FFU fan filter networkModular connection is used. FFU is widely used in clean room, clean work desk, clean production line, assembled clean room and local 100-level applications.

FFU has an initial, medium and efficient multi-level filter. The fan is inhaled from the top of the FFU and filtered through the primary / high-efficiency filter, and the filtered clean air is delivered at a variety of wind speeds of 0.45 m / s ± 20% throughout the wind. Suitable for obtaining a high level of clean environment in a variety of environments. It provides high quality clean air for different sizes and clean rooms of different sizes, different cleanliness levels. In the newly built clean room, clean factory-transformed refurbishment, improve the cleanliness level, reduce noise and vibration, can also greatly reduce costs, easy to install and maintain, is ideal for clean environment.


FFU application, classification and structure

FFU is mainly composed of four parts:

1) Box

The material is commonly used in galvanized aluminum coating steel plate, aluminum alloy and three types of stainless steel. The action one is to support the fan and the airline, and the other is to support the guide plate;

2) Fluid board

The balanced device of the airflow is built into the interior of the box, and the four weeks below the fan;

3) fan

There are single exchanges (AC / 1PHASE), DC (EC / 1PHASE), three exchanges (AC / 3PHASE);

4) Control components

For AC FFU, it is commonly used for five-speed governor or an accepted governor; the control chip of the DC system is embedded inside the motor, and remote control is realized by means of dedicated control software, computer, control gateway, and network line.

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