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Shandong Xinli takes you to understand the air filter

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Xinle air purification

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The air filter is to capture dust from the gas-solid two-phase flow by a porous filter material, and the gas is purified by the gas. It is sent to the room after the air purification of the dust content, to ensure the process requirements of the clean room and the air cleanliness in the general air conditioning room.

For example, the indoor requirements are generally purified, the initial filter can be used; such as medium purification in the room should adopt an initial effect and auxiliary two-stage filter; such as the indoor requirements of ultra-net purification, it should be used for initial, medium-end and efficient three Class purification filtration, and should properly match the efficiency of the filter at all levels. If the efficiency of the neighboring two-stage filter is too large, the previous air filter does not get a high-level high-efficiency air filter. Protective effects.

Air purification filter

When the dust concentration in the filtered gas is expressed in a weight concentration, the efficiency is a weight efficiency; when the count concentration is represented, the efficiency is a count efficiency; when other physical quantities are relatively represented, it is a colorimetric efficiency or turbidity. Degree efficiency, etc. The most commonly used representation is the count efficiency indicated by the dust particles in the air filter inlet and export airflow.

1. Under the rated air volume, according to the national standard GB / T14295-93 \"Air Filter\" and GB13554-92 \"High-efficiency Air Filter\", the efficiency range of different filters is as follows:

Entry filter, particle of ≥5 microns, filtering efficiency 80> E ≥ 20, initial resistance ≤50Pa

Metal filter, particle of ≥1 microns, filtering efficiency 70> E ≥ 20, initial resistance ≤80Pa

High high-efficiency filter, particle of ≥5 microns, filtering efficiency 99> E≥70, primary resistance ≤100Pa

Asian high efficiency filter, particles of ≥ 0.5 microns, filter efficiency E≥95, primary resistance ≤120Pa

High efficiency filter, particle of ≥0.5 microns, filter efficiency E≥99.99, initial resistance ≤220Pa

Ultra high efficiency filter, particle of ≥0.1 microns, filtration efficiency E≥99.999, primary resistance ≤280Pa

Air purification filter

Since many companies choose imported filters, they expressed the difference between efficiency and domestic, in order to facilitate comparison, the translational relationship between them is as follows:

According to European standards,Delivery filter is divided into four levels (G1 ~ G4)

G1 efficiency is ≥ 5.0 μm, filtration efficiency E≥20% (corresponding to US standard C1)

G2 efficiency to particle size ≥ 5.0 μm, filtration efficiency 50> E ≥ 20% (corresponding to US standard C2 ~ C4)

G3 efficiency to particle size ≥ 5.0 μm, filtration efficiency 70> E≥50% (corresponding to US standard L5)

G4 efficiency is ≥ 5.0 μm, filtration efficiency 90> E≥70% (corresponding to US standard L6)

The mid-range filter is divided into two levels (F5 ~ F6)

F5 efficiency to particle size ≥ 1.0 μm, filtration efficiency 50> E≥30% (corresponding to US standard M9, M10)

F6 efficiency is ≥1.0 μm, filtration efficiency 80> E≥50% (corresponding to US standard M11, M12)

High high-altitude filter is divided into three levels (F7 ~ F9)

F7 efficiency is ≥1.0 μm, filtration efficiency 99> E ≥ 70% (corresponding to US standard H13)

F8 efficiency is ≥0.5 μm in particle size, filter efficiency 90> E ≥ 75% (corresponding to US standard H14)

F9 efficiency to particle size ≥ 0.5 μm, filtration efficiency 99> E≥90% (corresponding to US standard H15)

Asian high efficiency filter is divided into two levels (H10, H11)

H10 efficiency has a particle size ≥ 0.5 μm, filtration efficiency 99> E ≥ 95% (corresponding to US standard H15)

H11 efficiency is ≥0.5 μm, filtration efficiency 99.9> E ≥ 99% (corresponding to US standard H16)

High efficiency filters are divided into two levels (H12, H13)

H12 efficiency is ≥ 0.5 μm in particle size, filter efficiency E ≥ 99.9% (corresponding to US standard H16)

H13 efficiency is ≥ 0.5 μm, filtration efficiency E≥99.99% (corresponding to US standard H17)

2. Correctly determine the filter characteristics. The characteristics of the air filter are mainly filtration efficiency, resistance, penetration rate, dust removal, filtration wind speed, and disposal of the air. In the case of conditions permitted, it should be used as high efficiency, low-resistance, large amount of dust, and the filter style is very moderate, and the air volume is large, and the manufacturing installation is convenient, and the price is low. This is a cost-effective analytical need to consider disposable investment and secondary investment and energy efficiency when the air filter is selected.

3. Analyze the nature of the dust-containing gas. The nature of dust-containing gas associated with the air filter is mainly: the amount of temperature, humidity, acid-containing and organic solvents. Because some filters allow for use at high temperatures, and some filters can only operate at normal temperature, normal humidity, and the acid-containing gas-containing and organic solvent has an effect on the performance efficiency of the air filter.

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