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What are the characteristics of metal mesh filters

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Metal meshair filtercharacteristic:
1. The multi-layer folded and expanded aluminum foil or stainless steel mesh is arranged with different densities and pore diameters from coarse to fine, so that when the air passes through the filter, the flow direction is changed many times to increase its dust collection capacity and efficiency.
2. Low resistance, long service life, repeated cleaning, and extremely economical.
3. The all-aluminum filter screen or the stainless steel filter screen has the characteristics of safety, sturdiness and high temperature resistance.
4. The highest temperature can withstand more than 250 ℃.

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Use of metal mesh air filter
1. Coarse dust filtration system for general building air conditioning.
2. Primary filtration of industrial-grade air ventilation equipment.
3. A ventilation system with high strength and high temperature resistance is required.
4. Filtration in the wax spray room of the automobile assembly workshop.
Specifications: can be customized according to customer needs
1) Purpose: high temperature resistance, coarse dust filtration, can be used in high temperature environment, pre-filtering by air filtration system
2) Type: Flat metal mesh filter
3) Frame: galvanized frame, aluminum alloy

4) Filter material: Multi-layered, cross-corrugated aluminum foil mesh, multi-layer structure, increase the filter area, and different aluminum foils are tiled, which can be cleaned and have good filtering efficiency.
5) EN799 level: G1, G2
7) Average weight efficiency: 65%-70% (ASHRE52.1-1992)
8) EUROVENT4/5 level: EU2
9) DIN 53438 flame retardant standard: F1
10) Final resistance: (recommended) 100Pa-(largest) 200Pa
11) Temperature resistance: 250℃

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