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What are the requirements for the air filter in the clean area of ​​the pharmaceutical workshop?

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In the pharmaceutical industry, in order to protect the quality and safety of drugs, drug companies have a high degree of cleanliness and temperature and humidity in the production of environmental pollution inside the workshop.

Medical industrial clean factory designair filterThe requirements have an important impact. According to the requirements of the production process, the pharmaceutical industrial plant can be divided into two categories: general production area and clean area.

Among them, \"Medical Industry Clean Factory Design Specification GB / T14294-1993\" stipulates that the air cleanliness of clean room clean area is 100, and the 10,000-level region generally controls 20 to 24 ° C, the relative humidity is 45 ~ 60% flat; 100000 Regional general control temperature is 18 ~ 28 ° C, relative humidity is 50 ~ 65%; non-single-way flow rate of 10 ~ 30%, one-way flow rate, total delivery, total delivery, air supply, to ensure The amount of fresh air per hour in the room is not less than 40m3; the clean room must maintain a certain positive pressure.

In addition, there is no less than 5PA between the clean zone of the air cleanliness of the medical industry, and the static pressure between the clean zone and the non-cleaning zone should not be less than 5Pa, and the static pressure difference between clean zone and outdoor should not be less than 10 Pa.

Industry experts say that the medical industrial clean room is different from other industrial clean rooms, but also in the production of sterile production preparations and raw materials. The corresponding air cleanseing environment (sterile chamber) must be produced by \"sterile drug \" production. Therefore, the air conditioning system in the pharmaceutical industrial plant also controls microorganisms in the specified standards by sterilizing, sterilizing, sterilization, etc. Related sterilization, disinfection equipment is also particularly important.

Among them, the air filter is to capture dust from the gas-solid two-phase flow through the porous filter material, and the gas is purified by the gas. The air filter is fed into the room after air purification of the dust, to ensure the process requirements of clean room and the air cleanliness in the general air conditioning room.

For some required high dust-free pharmaceutical workshops, air filters are required to filter. The air filter is mainly used to capture particulate dust and various suspensions of 0.5 um. The air purifier is mainly composed of both the filter element and the housing. Basic requirements are high filtration efficiency and low flow resistance, which can be used for long periods of continuous use to reduce post-consumable costs.

With the improvement of GMP standards in recent years, and the improvement of energy conservation and emission reduction requirements.air filterMore and more attaches importance to the pharmaceutical industry, the equipment in the market is increasingly rich, making the competition between manufacturers and increasingly fierce.

Xinli Environmental Technology (Shandong) Co., Ltd. air filter, its filter material uses ultrafine glass fiber filter and supports PTFE and other filter materials for choice. Shandong Xinli products have the characteristics of high filtering efficiency, low resistance, and large amount of dust removal. It is widely used in various local purification equipment and clean plant in normal temperature, normal pressure, normal temperature conditions. Air filter production of Shandong Xinli production In line with standards, in the development of previous corporate development, it has been widely recognized by all walks of life.

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