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Product characteristics: high air volume, high static pressure, high efficiency, low noise

Multiple safety devices: current overload protection circuit, fault indication, fault

Humanized ingenuity: with carrying handle, easy to carry and install, beautiful appearance

Product model: FK-15CDCSAN1
Mainly used for terminal filtration in electronics, biopharmaceutical industries and hospitals where high cleanliness is required.

Frame material: anodized aluminum profile

Frame thickness: 50mm, 70mm, 90mm

Product model: GWB-4.5A, GWB-9A, GWB-18A, GWB-4.8A

GWB-10.3A, GWB-13A, GWB-15.7A, GWB-21A, GWB-

Mainly used for terminal filtration in electronics, biopharmaceutical industries and hospitals where high cleanliness is required.

Frame material: anodized aluminum profile

Frame thickness: 50mm, 70mm, 90mm

Product attributes: SWB-4.5A, SWB-9A, SWB-18A, SWB-2.9A

SWB-6A, SWB-7.6A
It is mainly used for terminal filtration in applications requiring high cleanliness, such as electronics, biopharmaceutical industry and hospitals.

Frame material: aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, wooden board, stainless steel

Frame thickness: 150mm, 220mm, 292mm

Product model: GHB-2.5A, GHB-5A, GHB-10A, GHB-15A

GHB-20A, GHB-5B, GHB-10B
Coarse dust filtration system for general building air conditioning. Primary filtration of industrial-grade air ventilation equipment.

Frame material: galvanized frame, aluminum alloy frame or stainless steel frame

Frame thickness: 10, 21, 46, 96, etc.

Product model: CJ-17A, CJ-34A, CJ-17B, CJ-34B
Ventilation systems for office buildings, meeting rooms, hospitals, shopping malls, stadiums, airports and other large civil buildings.

Outer frame material: aluminum alloy frame, can be made into a whole group with handle interconnection, easy and safe to replace

Frame thickness: 10, 21, 46, 96, etc.

Product model: CN-24A, CN-28.5A, CN-34A, CN-17B, CN-

24B, CN-28.5B, CN-34B, CN-17C, CN-24C, CN-28.5C

Product features: no partition design, lower running resistance, wide application range, compact structure, saving storage space

Product application: In the high-efficiency air outlet of the clean room of the pharmaceutical plant, the FFU products of the purification plant are equipped with high-efficiency filters

Efficiency: 99.97%@0.3μm (H13); 99.99%@0.3μm (H14);

Product model: GPW-8-470-D, GPW-8-1000-D, GPW-8-

260-D, GPW-8-550-D, GPW-9.3-470-B
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Clean shed

If you want to know more about the Clean shed, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the Clean shed industry. More news about Clean shed, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more Clean shed information!
  • What is the main role in cleanseing shed?

    Clean work shed is a simple clean room for fast and convenient, clean work sheds with a variety of clean levels and space matching, and can be made according to the use requirements, so it is easy to use elastic installation easy and short-moving short and movable Its main feature, clean work sheds can also reduce costs for localization of high cleanrooms in the normal level of clean room to reduce costs.

  • Wheat room use and precautions

    The wind shower room is necessary for people to enter the clean room. It can reduce the pollution problems brought by people into the clean room, reducing the large number of dust particles brought by people / goods from the entrance to the clean room. \"Pneumatic chamber \" can reduce the number of air pollution particles. What are the use and management of the wind chamber? Xinli Purified Xiaobian gives you a specific explanation: 1. Objective: To keep the safety of wind goes, maintain cleanroom environment cleanliness.

  • Clean workshop purification dressing process

    The personnel closing channels entering the production area of ​​clean workshops should set corresponding elsewear facilities according to the production properties, product characteristics, product requirements, etc., and rationally design air flow tissue, set differential pressure and monitoring equipment to meet dust-free The requirements of the workshop on purifying clothes. Factors that need to be considered 1. The settings between the cloak room will be separated by the different stages of the dress, such as switching shoes (take off the whole clothes), wear clean clothes (wear aseptic underwear, sterile coat)

  • The correct use of the air shower

    The clean air blown out of the air shower can remove dust carried by people, and can effectively block or reduce the dust source from entering the clean area. At the same time, the two doors of the air shower room are electronically interlocked, which can act as an air lock to prevent unpurified air from entering the clean area. It is a highly versatile local purification equipment. The air shower room is generally installed between the clean area and the non-clean area, as a passage between the clean room and the non-clean room.

  • The purpose of the air shower

    At present, many industries use air shower products, and some purchasers are not very familiar with the specific purpose of the air shower. Today, snyli Purification Editor will do a simple sharing for everyone. The air shower is mainly used in dust-free workshops such as electronics, medical treatment, pharmaceuticals, crystal materials, and food. It is a protective opening for personnel to enter the workshop. After being blown in the air shower room, some debris particles such as dust carried by the personnel will be removed.

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