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Product characteristics: high air volume, high static pressure, high efficiency, low noise

Multiple safety devices: current overload protection circuit, fault indication, fault

Humanized ingenuity: with carrying handle, easy to carry and install, beautiful appearance

Product model: FK-15CDCSAN1
Mainly used for terminal filtration in electronics, biopharmaceutical industries and hospitals where high cleanliness is required.

Frame material: anodized aluminum profile

Frame thickness: 50mm, 70mm, 90mm

Product model: GWB-4.5A, GWB-9A, GWB-18A, GWB-4.8A

GWB-10.3A, GWB-13A, GWB-15.7A, GWB-21A, GWB-

Mainly used for terminal filtration in electronics, biopharmaceutical industries and hospitals where high cleanliness is required.

Frame material: anodized aluminum profile

Frame thickness: 50mm, 70mm, 90mm

Product attributes: SWB-4.5A, SWB-9A, SWB-18A, SWB-2.9A

SWB-6A, SWB-7.6A
It is mainly used for terminal filtration in applications requiring high cleanliness, such as electronics, biopharmaceutical industry and hospitals.

Frame material: aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, wooden board, stainless steel

Frame thickness: 150mm, 220mm, 292mm

Product model: GHB-2.5A, GHB-5A, GHB-10A, GHB-15A

GHB-20A, GHB-5B, GHB-10B
Coarse dust filtration system for general building air conditioning. Primary filtration of industrial-grade air ventilation equipment.

Frame material: galvanized frame, aluminum alloy frame or stainless steel frame

Frame thickness: 10, 21, 46, 96, etc.

Product model: CJ-17A, CJ-34A, CJ-17B, CJ-34B
Ventilation systems for office buildings, meeting rooms, hospitals, shopping malls, stadiums, airports and other large civil buildings.

Outer frame material: aluminum alloy frame, can be made into a whole group with handle interconnection, easy and safe to replace

Frame thickness: 10, 21, 46, 96, etc.

Product model: CN-24A, CN-28.5A, CN-34A, CN-17B, CN-

24B, CN-28.5B, CN-34B, CN-17C, CN-24C, CN-28.5C

Product features: no partition design, lower running resistance, wide application range, compact structure, saving storage space

Product application: In the high-efficiency air outlet of the clean room of the pharmaceutical plant, the FFU products of the purification plant are equipped with high-efficiency filters

Efficiency: 99.97%@0.3μm (H13); 99.99%@0.3μm (H14);

Product model: GPW-8-470-D, GPW-8-1000-D, GPW-8-

260-D, GPW-8-550-D, GPW-9.3-470-B
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High-efficiency filter without partition

These articles are all highly relevant High-efficiency filter without partition. I believe this information can help you understand High-efficiency filter without partition's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • What is a high-efficiency free?

    The efficient air supply port is a tensile terminal filtering device that is ideal for thousands of levels, 10,000 level purification air conditioning systems, can be widely used in purification air conditioning systems in medicine, health, electronics, chemical and other industries. The efficient d

  • Classification and characteristics of high efficiency filter products

    Shandong snyliHigh efficiency air filterWith a filtration efficiency of more than 99.97%, it is a veritable high-efficiency air filtration equipment. Now its application is becoming more and more mature. The editor of Shandong snyli will explain the classification and characteristics of high-efficie

  • Five advantages of air filters with partitions

    People’s quality of life is constantly improving. Of course, while changing, it also brings serious pollution threats to the social environment. People’s living environment index is gradually decreasing, and the degree of environmental pollution is getting higher and higher. So in order to solve thi

  • Four characteristics of high temperature air filter

    High temperature air filterMaterial hasThose characteristics?The editor of Shandong snyli Purification will answer you:High temperature air filter hasThe following four characteristics: high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength, functionality, and good process applicability.1, At present

  • What are the filtering principles of medium efficiency filters?

    The principle of the medium-efficiency filter: 1. Intercept the dust particles in the air, and move with the airflow in inertial motion or irregular Brownian motion or by a certain field force. When the particle motion hits other objects, the van der Waals existing between the objects Force (the force between molecules, molecular clusters and molecular clusters) makes particles stick to the fiber surface. The dust entering the filter medium has more chances to hit the medium, and it will be stuck when it hits the medium. Smaller dusts collide with each other to form larger particles and settle, and the particle concentration of dust in the air is relatively stable. The fading of the interior and walls is for this reason.  It is wrong to treat the fiber filter like a sieve. 2. Inertia and diffusion: Particle dust moves inertially in the airflow. When it encounters disorderly arranged fibers, the airflow changes direction, and the particles deviate from the direction due to inertia and hit the fibers to be bonded. The larger the particle, the easier it is to hit, and the better the effect. Small dust particles make irregular Brownian motion. Pieces

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